Two great new resources for teens and young adults

Newly-updated resources for teens and young adults living with IBD

JUST LIKE ME! -- Teens with IBD:

Teens with IBD have a lot on their minds. Upcoming exams, sports, activities, friends, social media -- and they might also have worries about their disease, such as bathroom urgency, and how to get through the day with symptoms. If you are a parent of a teen with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, here are a few quick tips to help your teen feel supported and confident as they learn to live with their disease:

• Set up a plan with your child's school to give them the support and accommodations they need
• Have your child keep a journal of their symptoms
• Encourage your teen to speak up during visits with their doctor

CAMPUS CONNECTION -- For college students with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis:

Students can find and connect with other IBD patients on campus as well as receive helpful tips on:

• Navigating college life with IBD
• Coping with their disease
• Preparing for adult care

Check out these great sites today, and share them with your teens!