Clinical Trial Video Series

Explore our clinical trial video library to hear from patients, research coordinators, and clinical trial investigators who are involved in the clinical research space.

  • Hear from Clinical Research Coordinators: Miriam

Understanding Clinical Trials

It's important to remember that it is only through patient participation in clinical trials that researchers are able to determine the safety and effectiveness of new treatment options for the IBD community. While joining a clinical trial may sound a bit scary, it is important to realize that all IBD treatments currently in use were first proved effective and safe to use through clinical trials.

Hear from Patients

Brandon: Crohn's Patient NEW

"My disease came abruptly. I never had any history of Crohn’s. My disease manifested from a perianal abscess that formed into a complex fistula. I was diverted with an ileostomy and I was told I that I would have 3 months or so before my ileostomy would be reversed. And the three months kept dragging on, so I started researching clinical trials."

Carly: Crohn's Patient NEW

"The reason why there weren’t medications when I was younger is because developing medications take a long time. And you can’t develop a medication unless you go through a clinical trial process."

Sara: Crohn's Patient NEW

"It was amazing to feel what I think is normal. When you are sick for that long, you forget what your normal is. The clinical trial got me to the point where I feel healthy enough to be able to carry a baby. It's such a blessing."

Ken: Crohn's Patient

"If you are at a point in your disease where you've tried other options and [clinical trials] can bring you relief, don’t let the fear be something that drives you away from health and happiness."

Catherine: Crohn's Patient

"I think the most satisfying thing is feeling like you're in some ways alive again."

Hear from Doctors

Millie: MD, MPH

"Clinical trials are a key aspect in the management of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. By someone participating in a clinical trial, they not only could have potential benefit for themselves but for countless other individuals."

Hear from Clinical Research Coordinators

Miriam: Research Coordinator

Listen to Miriam answer questions about how clinical research coordinators work with patients during a clinical trial.