Tips For Getting Out of Bed

Often, the first step in beating the blues is simply forcing yourself to get out of bed and get going - even if you don't feel like facing the day. Here are a few tips, adapted from Meeting The Challenge: Living With Chronic Illness by Audrey Kron.

  • Little things can mean a lot. Plan something special to look forward to so it is easier to get out of bed, whether it is watching a favorite TV show, eating a good breakfast, or calling a friend.
  • When you look your best, you feel more positive and others respond to that. Dressing in a favorite outfit, shaving, or putting on makeup can go a long way toward overcoming that "why bother" feeling.
  • Prepare for the day as much as possible the night before - having everything in order can eliminate much morning stress.
  • Plan something to do each day. At all stages of an illness, it is important to build structure into each day. For example, even if you're not working, you may want to schedule time for a long walk or lunch with a friend. Be sure to allow plenty of time for medical care no matter what else is planned.
  • Set aside time for a rest. It is easier to get going if you know you have a built-in break.
  • Of course, allow yourself a little extra time to pull it all together. Reading or listening to music in the morning may make it easier to get started.

If weeks go by and you still face difficulty getting out of bed, you may need help to overcome your depression. But in fairness to yourself -- and your family -- it's important to seek help.

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Published: May 1, 2012

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